Tom’s Most Hilarious 7-Year-Old Quotes.


Every year, I do my best to quickly write down every funny thing my kids say — and this year was no different!  With Tom turning EIGHT on Monday, it’s time to compile all the hysterical things he said in his 7-year-old life — at least, all the stuff I could get down.

Oh my goodness, 7-year-old Tom has cracked me up! His mind is working all the time, and even though he got an untrained Mama (you’ll see what I mean), I think he’s turning out pretty great.

Without further ado, I give you…Tom at seven!

1. Feb. 11, 2017
Tom: “Dad is so classic right now.”
Me: “What do you mean?”
Tom: “Classic means old.”

2. Feb. 16, 2017
Tom: “Guess where I got the idea!”
Me: “Where?”
Tom: “From my MIND.”

3. March 21, 2017
(discussing recess at school)
Tom: “He used to be my friend, but now he’s my archenemy because he betrayed me.”
Me: “Oh yeah?  What’s his name?”
Tom: “I forgot.”

4. May 19, 2017
“When you die, I’ll have a party for your birthday so your ghost can come. I’ll write my address down and leave it on your grave.” –Tom

5. June 9, 2017
Me: “Hey, you haven’t been bringing home your dirty socks from camp.”
Tom: “Yes I have! They’re in that pocket in my lunchbox.” #eww

6. July 8, 2017
Rachel: “Do you have on new undies?”
Gus: “Yeah, Tom had to use the others as a barrier when we flooded the bathroom.”
Both of us: “What?!?”

7. September 17, 2017
(Kevin has been on a trip for 5 days.)
Tom: “I miss Daddy. He’s been gone so long, I’m starting to forget him!” #5days

8. November 30, 2017
Tom: “I have a crush on Emmy. Don’t tell her.”
Me: “I won’t.”
Alice: “I will!”
Tom: “No, Alice!  That’s breaking God’s rule!” #thoushallnotconfesscrushes

9. December 6, 2017
Me (getting sentimental): “I love you, Tom. My first baby.  I didn’t even know anything about being a mom when I had you!”
Tom (seriously): “You should’ve trained.”

10. December 7, 2017
Tom: “Do you know what the real meaning of Christmas is?”
Gus: “Baby Jesus.”
Tom: “No. It’s caring.”
Rachel: “It’s caring?”
Tom: “Pretty sure…”

11. December 19, 2017
Tom: “Sometimes when I hear a bad word, I feel like I just need to say it out loud to get it out of my head.” #crap

For more of Tom, here are his 4-year-old quotes, his 5-year-old quotes, and his 6-year-old quotes!


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