Tom’s 8th Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Party!


Tom’s 8th dinosaur-themed birthday party was so much fun!  Tom had the very best day, and he was so happy that so many of his family and friends were able to come.

Now that Tom is getting older, he definitely helps contribute ideas to his parties.  It was his idea that we have a dinosaur egg hunt, so we got Easter eggs and put mini dinosaurs in them to hide in the backyard. But when Tom saw them, he said, “Where’s the red on the inside of the eggs?  Eggs have all that red goo inside when the baby dinosaurs hatch.  You know, like in Jurassic Park!”  Ha!  So…I didn’t add goo, but I did paint the insides of the eggs red, and he was happy with that.

We also did a dinosaur scavenger hunt that everyone did together — collecting little clothes pins at each stop to clip on the backs of their paper stegosauruses.

But the kids just mostly played — they just loved being together.

We all had a wonderful time.  And then when it was all over, I realized I’d never served the ice cream!  Or the cheese ball for the adults!  And I totally forgot to give the kids their “binoculars” during the egg hunt!  I swear, I have no brain anymore. Ha!

We LOVE our big 8-year-old so very much, and we’re so happy everyone made the day so special for him.  Happy Birthday, Thomasaurus Rex!



Tom helped decorate!  He did such a great job!


Alice decorated the cake for me!  She had a full-coverage sprinkle plan, but ran out of sprinkles. Isn’t it adorable?!













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