Alice’s 6th Paris-Themed Birthday Party!


Alice has been obsessed with Paris FOR-EV-ER!  Back at our old house, we passed a cell phone tower on our way to school, and as a toddler she always pointed at it and said, “Paris!”  Lately, when we do our hikes that take us to beautiful long-range views, she always spots some kind of tower in the distance, and asks if it’s the Eiffel Tower.  We talk about going to Paris together someday all the time.  And when I ask her what she wants to do there, she’s very clear that she wants to, “See the Eiffel Tower, and eat macaroons and other desserts at a table on the sidewalk.”

Sounds pretty good, right?!  So it was easy to plan a Paris party for our girl’s 6th birthday!

She had a lot of ideas, and they were all so cute. I make the kids their new age number out of poster board for every birthday and then decorate it to match their theme.  So I had ideas for Alice, but she had ideas all her own!  She decorated her number 6 all by herself!  When I asked what she was painting on her number, she said, “Macaroons, of course!”  And then she said she used a lot of gray paint because, “the Eiffel Tower is gray.”

Her party was fairly small — just family and one friend from our old neighborhood — and we had the absolute best time!

Most importantly, Alice just loved her special day!  So happy we could celebrate our littlest turning SIX!  Happy Birthday, Alice!













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