Alice’s Best 6-Year-Old Quotes!


This little punky is going to be SEVEN YEARS OLD tomorrow!!  Can you believe that?!

She is full of joy, and laughter, and spunk and we just love her to pieces.  She is a teeney, little, hilarious, wannabe teenager!

And if you need someone to yell at Alexa for you, she’s your girl.

Without further ado, here are Alice’s best quotes from the past year!  I can’t wait to hear what she says as a 7-year-old.

1. March 21, 2018
“If Tom watches too much YouTube, he’ll turn into a potato couch.” –Alice

2. May 5, 2018
Alice: “Can you get the scorpion down?”
Me: “What?! Where?”
Alice: “Right there, on top of the cabinet. It makes music.”
Me: “You mean this accordion?”
Alice: “Yep!”

3. May 25, 2018
Me: “Hey! How are you doing?”
Alice: “Ugh! Why are you always asking me that?!”

4. June 28, 2018
Alice (to Tom): “You’re so typical!”
Tom: “What does that mean?”
Alice: “I don’t know. I heard it on TV.”

5. August 6, 2018
Me (hearing a lot of giggling): “What are y’all talking about?”
Alice: “Oh, we’re just talking about heads. And brains. And walnuts!”

6. September 1, 2018
Tom: “Mom! Why did you buy her that? You know what happens when you buy her clothes!”
Me: “She doesn’t ever like it?”
Alice: “Sometimes I do. But it’s veeeeery rare.”

7. September 29, 2018
Alice: “You can’t pass until you say the code!”
Tom (glumly): “Alice is the best.”
Alice: “No. It’s 0-0-0-1.”

8. November 22, 2018
“I know what happens, but don’t worry, I won’t tell you and spoil the beans.” -Alice

9. November 26, 2018
“Could ‘Gurglebutt’ be someone’s last name?” -Alice

10. February 23, 2019
Me: “You didn’t like the sandwich I made you?”
Alice: “No. (pause, then nonchalantly…) I’d rather eat dirt.”

11. March 6, 2019
Alice: “ALEXA, STOP!!!”
Kevin: “Maybe don’t scream at Alexa. Just talk normally.”
Alice: “But I hate her. She’s the worst.”

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1 Response to Alice’s Best 6-Year-Old Quotes!

  1. Mimi says:

    So cute! She is definitely full of personality!

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