Tom’s Best 9-Year-Old Quotes.


This child is kind, thoughtful, creative, interesting, funny, happy, loving, and absolutely hilarious.

Tom will be TEN YEARS OLD tomorrow.  Guys, do you remember when I was regularly blogging?  And it was all about the baby/toddler/little kid years?  And that it doesn’t seem that very long ago?

I’m actually having a bit of a hard time with him turning 10. I mean, I’m so, SO thankful he’s turning 10!  (I’ve kept him going for 10 years!  Woo!)  But, but…10 is double digits!  And HE’S GONNA LEAVE ME SOON!

(Kevin constantly points out college is still very far away, but when he was little I thought 10 was very far away, so what does he know?!)

Anyway!  What I’m saying is that my sweet, baby boy will be 10 years old tomorrow.  He’s been an amazing 9-year-old, and I cannot wait to see what 10-year-old Tom is like.  I’m assuming he’ll still be pretty funny.

Tom makes me laugh ALL the time, but sometimes I have time to document it — and that’s what we’ve got today! Without further ado, I give you…(booming announcer voice): TOM’S BEST 9-YEAR-OLD QUOTES!

1. March 24, 2019
Tom (to a new friend): “I used to live in Atlanta.”
Friend: “Seriously?!”
Tom (nonchalantly): “Yeah. On Douglas Drive.

2. April 19, 2019
Tom (yelling at Alice): “Droids don’t poo!! They don’t have poo holes!”

3. May 12, 2019
“Oh, thank you! I love my presents! (Looks to Kevin) And thank you too, you know, in case you had anything to do with it.”
Tom: “He bought it!”
Me: “Oh yeah? I thought maybe y’all had bought it with your own money.”
Tom: “No way would we ever do that!” #mothersday

4. June 5, 2019
Me: “How was camp?”
Tom: “Oh it’s good, except for the kid who keeps trying to bite our arms, and Merlin, who is IMPATIENT!” #soundsgreat

5. June 8, 2019
“All Marathon gas stations smell like moldy cokes.” –Tom

6. June 18, 2019
Me: “I woke up and my calf muscle was hurting. So weird. I have no idea what caused it.”
Tom: “You’re just old, that’s what happened.” #9yotruthbomb

7. June 18, 2019 (again)
Me: “So, what did you think of dinner? Is it something I should make again?”
Tom: “Well…if I was starving to death I would eat it again.”

8. August 6, 2019
Me: “You have to take a bath tonight because you have school tomorrow.”
Tom: “A bath?!  But I took one a week ago!”

9. August 13, 2019
Alice: “I need to tell you something romance-related.”
Tom: “Ooookay…”
Alice: “Peyton told me today that his brother wants to make out on me.”
Tom: “Ew! I bet he draws pictures of you kissing at his house!”

10. October 21, 2019
Me (Monday morning): “Time to brush teeth!”
*Tom jumps up and runs to go brush.*
Me: “I love how excited you are!”
Tom: “I’m not excited. I’m just trying to get this whole day over with.”

11. November 11, 2019
*helping him study for a test*
Me: “Who said, ‘Give me liberty or give me death?'”
Tom: “Patrick Swayze!”

12. January 24, 2020
“The gag is like throw-up’s cousin.” –Tom

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1 Response to Tom’s Best 9-Year-Old Quotes.

  1. Mimi says:

    I love him!!! Hope he did well on his Patrick Swayze test.

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