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Alice’s Best 7-Year-Old Quotes

This little LOVE is about to be EIGHT years old tomorrow!  I’m so excited for her, because she is so totally pumped about it.  It’s so super cute!  We can’t wait to celebrate her big day! She is hilarious, sweet, … Continue reading

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Tom’s 10th (Jurassic Park-themed) Birthday Party!

Can you believe this dude is 10?! Me neither! He totally knew what he wanted for his party – JURASSIC PARK! (Not Jurassic World. “I don’t like made up dinosaurs, I like real ones!”) A month ago, he made a … Continue reading

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Tom’s Best 9-Year-Old Quotes.

This child is kind, thoughtful, creative, interesting, funny, happy, loving, and absolutely hilarious. Tom will be TEN YEARS OLD tomorrow.  Guys, do you remember when I was regularly blogging?  And it was all about the baby/toddler/little kid years?  And that … Continue reading

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Alice’s Best 6-Year-Old Quotes!

This little punky is going to be SEVEN YEARS OLD tomorrow!!  Can you believe that?! She is full of joy, and laughter, and spunk and we just love her to pieces.  She is a teeney, little, hilarious, wannabe teenager! And … Continue reading

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Tom’s Best 8-Year-Old Quotes!

When I sat down to gather all of Tom’s 8-year-old quotes, I thought, “I hope I have some…maybe as kids get older they don’t say as many funny things?”  And I have a terrible (TERRIBLE) memory, so I couldn’t even … Continue reading

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What’s Up Wednesday.

In my efforts to get back into regular blogging, I’ve decided to do a What’s Up Wednesday post today!  So I’m going to be answering these questions: What we’re eating this week. This past weekend, my parents were in town … Continue reading

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Missing You/School Updates.

I’ve failed on my New Year’s resolution of writing a blog post once a week in a spectacular fashion. I thought saying out loud that it was my resolution would help me to keep it.  But no!  Even the shame … Continue reading

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Happy 5th Birthday, Alice!

Dear Alice, It’s the day you’ve been waiting for!  You’re FIVE YEARS OLD!  I can hardly believe it.  This morning as soon as you woke up you said, “I’m FIVE?!”  And I said, “Yes!”  And then you said, “And next … Continue reading

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Tom’s Transformers-Themed 7th Birthday Party!

This year I gave Tom a choice — he could either have a big friends-invited party, or he could have a family party and an adventure.  He chose the latter!  (Yay!!) The adventure he chose is a visit to Great … Continue reading

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Happy 7th Birthday, Tom!

Dear Thomas, You are a dream come true.  You honestly are.  You are a dream I never even dared to dream out loud, because it just seemed too big.  I still look at you sometimes in complete amazement.  I could … Continue reading

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