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Georgia State Parks: Vogel State Park.

December state park: Vogel State Park. And also? We DID IT! We visited a different Georgia State Park, as a family, every month this year! And I will have to do a separate post about all the feelings because the … Continue reading

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Disney World.

We went to Disney World! We went in September during Tom’s fall break — and we were thrilled to have BOTH sets of grandparents with us, too! The kids had a truly wonderful time! (And I learned a lot about … Continue reading

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Georgia State Parks: Red Top Mountain State Park.

October park: Red Top Mountain State Park. Y’all! Out of all of our state park visits this year — this is the one where we TENT CAMPED! I was so excited to see how the kids would do — and … Continue reading

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Georgia State Parks: Amicalola Falls State Park.

September park: Amicalola Falls State Park. I have been to Amicalola quite a bit over the years.  It is just so, SO beautiful!  I cannot visit there enough. Kevin and I have even seen a mama bear and her babies … Continue reading

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Georgia State Parks: Panola Mountain State Park.

August park: Panola Mountain State Park. I had been purposely saving this state park just in case I needed a park that was nearby. And I totally needed it! My original plan for August was to stop by High Falls … Continue reading

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Naked In Wal-Mart.

A couple weeks ago, I took Alice with me to Wal-Mart to buy all the supplies Tom would need for Kindergarten. (!!!) I sat her in the cart, and proceeded to go up and down the school supply section armed … Continue reading

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Alice’s Room.

Alice’s birthday is coming up, so it’s time to take a look at what her current 2-year-old bedroom looks like! (Because I will forget. I can’t remember anything these days!  Tomorrow, I may forget I wrote this blog.) What I … Continue reading

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Alice’s First Day Of Preschool.

Note: Alice and Tom were supposed to have the same first day of school — but Tom has an illness, and therefore hasn’t started yet.  I’m not leaving him out, I promise!  Hopefully his big day will be Monday. Oh … Continue reading

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Reclaiming My Confidence.

When I became a mother, I had no idea what I was doing and I used this blog to document my stupidity. I asked questions, voiced concerns, and was genuinely thrilled when people offered their advice. I was like a … Continue reading

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Tom’s okay is “o-tay” right now. A very adorable, sweet, wonderful little “o-tay.” What is really funny about his o-tay? The fact that he tricks you with it. For instance, Tom will point to his juice cup and sign “more.” … Continue reading

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