She’s A Beaut,Clark!


Every year there’s one Christmas movie that I watch more than the others, but it seems to change every year.

A couple of years ago, it was A Christmas Story.

Last year it was Elf.

This year it’s National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  Or as the kids like to call it, “That crazy movie where the guy uses a chainsaw.”

Seriously, what they remember about it is that Clark uses a chainsaw to cut the roots off the tree. Ha!

One of my favorite memories as a kid was going to the Christmas tree farm with my parents to cut down our tree.  Once I was older, I realized what a simple memory that was.  But it’s true.  It was always something I looked forward to, and I’m pretty sure we all went together to do it every year until I graduated from high school.

This year, we went to a local Christmas tree farm with Rachel and co.

And it was so…warm.  Like I was dressed like it was cool, because I guess in my mind it was supposed to be, and I didn’t bother to actually…check facts.

It was close to 70 degrees or something!

But besides the weather not even giving us the feeling of the holiday, it was a really fun day with the kids running around with each other, playing games, and picking out our trees.

And as Cousin Eddie would say, “She’s a beaut, Clark!”










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Surviving Thanksgiving.

IMG_9498You guys, we had the best Thanksgiving!

Now everything else that I will share in this blog about our Thanksgiving may seem to contradict that statement, but it doesn’t.  I swear.

We had the best Thanksgiving!  Remember that.

Thanksgiving morning we woke up early to drive down to my parents’ house.  Tom said that his throat felt weird, and I said it was probably allergies or just dry.  And then I packed everything and all the people into the van and started the drive down.

Pretty much from the beginning of the drive, Tom said he thought he had car sickness. I opened up his window and just kept going.  But once we got to Macon (about 30 minutes from my parents’ house) he kind of started really saying he wasn’t feeling well at all. So I pulled off the road with the intent of getting him some crackers from the back for him, but while I was doing that, he threw up.

Now, even though *I* had had a virus at the beginning of the week, I still thought it was car sickness with Tom.

Never underestimate the power of denial.

Poor, poor, poor Tom.

This is the fourth Thanksgiving in a row he has missed because he’s been sick.  He gets a virus on Thanksgiving every year!  Isn’t that the weirdest thing?!

So next year, NOBODY TELL HIM it’s Thanksgiving!

Anyway, the poor dude was so bummed to miss Thanksgiving.  He just stayed in the guest room with his bowl, and I just checked on him throughout the day.  And can I just say, he’s actually the best sick person I’ve ever met.


Seriously, he was always so…happy?  Is that the right word?  Optimistic?  He would throw up, and then say something like, “I think I only have 3 more throw ups left for today, and then I’ll be done!”  And you guys, he was honestly right.  I’m so thankful for this sweet boy, and so sorry he’s got some Thanksgiving curse on him!

In other non-vomit-y news, Thanksgiving dinner at my parents’ house with my Uncle Kelly was wonderful and we had an amazing time.  My mom outdid herself (as usual) and everything was beyond great. Thanks, Mom!




The next day Tom woke up feeling awesome!  So he ate like…4 helpings of carrot casserole for breakfast (that’s the part he was really bummed to miss out on!) and then we headed to the Museum of Aviation where they were having their visiting model train exhibit.  Tom adores this exhibit, so we were thrilled to be there while it was there!

One of the train guys was selling old Hot Wheels cars, so we bought some for the kids and headed outside to play, while Kevin walked around looking at all the planes.

And after five minutes, Alice ran over to us crying and saying there were ants on her.  Now, Alice is a fire ant magnet. For real, she is.  She kind find one anywhere and it will bite her.  She once got bit by an ant IN THE OCEAN.  And they hugely affect her (they really swell up, and she has trouble sleeping they bother her so much), so when she says there are ants on her, I take it seriously!

Assuming they were on her feet/shoes, I took those off and started brushing them away.  But she’s still super upset and saying they’re in her shirt.  So I take that off.  And they are!!  In her shirt, on her belly, on her back!  So I got scared they were in her britches and took those off too (and they were there too!) and then Tom said, “There’s one in her hair!”  Oh my gosh you guys — THEY WERE IN HER HAIR!  A bunch.  In her dark brown hair, making them hard to find.  I mean, seriously?!  Who gets fire ants in their hair!?!  Have you ever heard of such a thing?!  Oh my gosh, this poor child!  She is naked, outside a busy museum, and her mom and Grandma are shaking ants out of her hair!

My little girl got 13 bites total (feet, shoulder, hip, back, HEAD, and neck), but again, because this happens to her, I actually carry Benedryl in my purse.  So she took that right away, and then we went about our day!  Ha! She was fine the rest of the day!  Such a trooper.

That evening we went to the farm to visit and spend the night.  It was awesome.  Pretty much right away, Alice caught a HUGE catfish!  We seriously never catch them that big, because usually our lines snap.  But she got it!


And then the next day, Tom caught 3 brim, right in a row! And none of the rest of us caught any!  Ha!  He was so proud!


After fishing, we rode around on the golf cart (A LOT!) and the kids like to stop and swing on the big, round swing that hangs from a tree near the lake.  Kevin was pushing them, and I walked over to get a picture — and right when I got there and got ready to take a picture of them, the rope SNAPPED and they crashed right on the ground.

This is the picture I took when it collapsed. I call this, “Mom running.”

What?!  Poor babies!!  They both cried, because it scared them to death!  But they were both okay.  And later in the day, Alice completely forgot that happened, because she asked to go swing. Ha!

Oh my goodness. Whew!  We survived Thanksgiving.

And I am telling you, we loved it.  We honestly had the best time.  We loved being with family, and we loved being out at the farm, and we loved everything.  I think it just shows that after you’ve been a parent for awhile, you know stuff happens, and you just keep on keepin’ on!  Kids are resilient, man.

Hope y’all had a Happy Thanksgiving too!

Here’s hoping next year has a little less vomit, ant-filled hair, and rope breakages.






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Life Lately.


Life this week has been all about getting ready for Thanksgiving break next week!  I’m pretty much just as excited as the kids.  I’ve spent most of this week trying to get all of my Christmas shopping done while the kids were in school, because nothing makes me happier than having it done before December gets here!  And I’m thisclose to having it all done.  I’ve got a few stragglers, but I’m inching toward the finish line now. Woo!

Last weekend, Tom was so funny and cute when he asked if we could go to Fernbank Museum.  We went all the time when we lived in Atlanta, but since the move, we’d only been once this summer. (We’re about an hour away from it now.)  So this weekend, we went!  And I’m SO glad we did.  First, Tom had the absolute best time.  That boy feels more at home surrounded by dinosaurs than anywhere else.  And second, my BFF and her family met us there at the last minute — so it was awesome to do a quick in-person catch up like old times. Yay!  I had to mention that they were there, because I got no pictures of it at all.  Not even any with Alice and her BFF Maggie!  #momfail

But the museum was awesome, and Tom was in his element.  I shared this story on Instagram, but my favorite part was when a volunteer was setting up a table to talk about dinosaurs, and Tom went to talk to him.  I was a little bit away, but I just kept hearing the volunteer say, “Yes! You’re right!” about 20 times to whatever Tom was saying.  When I asked Tom later what they talked about, he said, “Well, he at first said that the T-rex and the ??? (some other dinosaur name I’ve forgotten) lived at the same time, but I told him that a lot of people think that, but they didn’t, because the T-rex lived during the Cretaceous period and the other dinosaur lived during the Jurassic.  And then he realized I was right.”

Well…okay then!

I will say that when moments like this happen at the museum, it fills my mama heart right up.  Because Tom struggles so much in school with reading and writing, and seeing him soar and excel at something that he loves — well, it kinda makes me tear up.  It just means a lot to us right now.  That moment alone was worth the trip.




I keep my niece, Hazel, several days a week for Rachel and Adam.  She’s such a good, smart little thing!  This week her favorite thing was taking 1 million pictures of us on my phone.  My favorite was when she said, “Okay, let’s cuddle!”  Okay!


I snapped this picture of Alice, who fell asleep with her new book fair find!  She literally snuggled up with a good book. (About a magic puppy, of course!)


The kids were dressed so snazzy yesterday!  Man, they’re cute!


Alice loves to show off her fashion choices.  Alice is always putting together things I wouldn’t think of — and she’s way better at it than me!  Future fashionista for sure.


One last picture from the museum.  Alice is an accidental model all the time.  I don’t pose her — she’s just living her model life!


Hope y’all have a great weekend, and a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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Halloween 2017.


Halloween 2017 is in the books!  And it was awesome.

As per our tradition, after school we headed over to Rachel’s house. But unlike years past, it only took us 15 minutes to get there now that we live closer — instead of our previous 1.5 hours.

My mom met us there, and the kids played for a couple of hours, before we headed out through the woods to Rachel’s town’s downtown area.

Rachel’s town has a main street, with older homes on it.  The police shut the street down, and everyone comes out and trick-or-treats on that main stretch.  It’s so neat!  Every year, I feel like we’re in a Disney Halloween movie.  And the kids just adore being with their cousins.  Trick-or-treating with Mary Poppins, a cowboy, and a pink Princess Elsa?  Nothing better!

This year, Tom was a werewolf.  He knew he wanted to be some type of monster, and at Target, he decided a werewolf was the best.  He was so cute and funny.  He only put on that scary werewolf mask once he got to the person handing out the candy.  Other than that, it was off and he was smiling and laughing the whole time.  It was so funny to me that this sweet, sensitive soul wanted to be something so…scary!

Alice was Rey, from the newest Star Wars film.  My BFF let me know when Disney was having a sale, and because Alice hadn’t decided what to be yet, we scrolled through all of their costumes online.  Of course, they were all princess costumes — which she liked — but when she got to Rey (tough, awesome Rey!) — Alice LOVED it!  She immediately said, “REY! REY! REY!  I want to be REY!”  And she was Rey.  And y’all?  She took it so seriously!  I don’t think she ever wanted to smile in her costume, she was so intent on becoming the character.  She’s a little actress, that girl!

We had a wonderful time trick-or-treating with family, heading home with all of our loot, and then eating the stew that my brother-in-law made for us.  It was the best day!

Hope you guys had a wonderful Halloween, too!










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Life Lately.

Oh my goodness, we woke up this morning and it was SO cold!  Yay!!  Totally wore my favorite puffer vest and warm boots to school drop off this morning. (And I lit a scented Christmas candle so it smells like a winter wonderland in here. Kevin, JUST GO WITH IT!)  Here’s a little look at our life lately (when I’m not pretending it’s December)…


Every chilly morning, Tom wakes up wanting a fire and a cup of hot chocolate. A boy after my own heart! He just sets himself up a little cozy nest, and settles in. LOVE that sweet boy! (Are you worried that blanket is too close to the fire?  I was too, so I moved it right after this picture.)

Kevin signed the kids up for martial arts at the beginning of the school year — and they LOVE IT!  I’ve signed them up for several things, and we’ve already dropped all of them.  But this, they love!  (Dad wins!) They each go twice a week, and it’s something they truly look forward to.  This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago at Alice’s promotion ceremony when she moved up a belt. She was so excited!  (Tom moved up a belt in his class, too, but I think that picture is on Kevin’s phone.)

My Tom often struggles with his confidence. On this day, his teacher gave him the option of four boards — and he could choose which one he wanted to try to break.  The red board being the easiest, and the black board being the most difficult.  I could not have been more surprised and proud when he chose the most difficult!  And he had to try it a few times, but y’all? HE GOT IT.  So, so proud.  I kind of teared up.  This class has been the best thing for Tom.

There is a pond in our neighborhood here, and it has become a routine to walk down to it in the evenings. The kids are always trying to catch frogs, or crickets, and they just generally love to explore down there.  It’s become one of my favorite things!

Alice loves to take the scooter down to the pond because there’s a big hill where she can give her mom a heart attack.  Then she goes to find a frog to cuddle.  That’s totally her routine!  LOVE her and her sweet heart.  She just adores all types of animals.  She told me the other day that all she wants for Christmas is a real baby puppy, a real baby kitten, and a real baby PANDA. Oh, is that all?!  Ha!  LOVE!

We found this lizard in our backyard, and he seemed to be wanting to warm up!  At first I thought he was near death, because I don’t think it’s normal for a lizard to be so…okay with people.  But he seemed totally fine later, just tuckered out!  He stayed like this for an hour.

And then Tom made him this bed.  And I didn’t think the lizard would stay in there. And I was wrong, because he was still sleeping in there in the morning!  What?!  This lizard loved us/was nuts.

I know this just looks like a bunch of leaves, but it isn’t. It’s an army that was carefully set up by Tom in the driveway.  And he was serious about it, and played out there with them for a really, really long time.  They had names, and battle plans, and the occasional internal issues. This child’s imagination is off the charts amazing, and I hope he knows how important I think that is.

And lastly, my cute girl this morning before school!  I cannot stand the cuteness!  She’s just my little doll girl!  And could I love this pose more?  I could not! Ha!  I love how much she loves school, and how she’s just the cutest little fashionista.  She’s a hoot!

That’s a look at our life lately!  Please note I wrote two blog posts in two days — I  would love a gold star if you have one. LOVE!



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What’s Up Wednesday.

In my efforts to get back into regular blogging, I’ve decided to do a What’s Up Wednesday post today!  So I’m going to be answering these questions:


  1. What we’re eating this week. This past weekend, my parents were in town to go with us to the corn maze/fall fun place — so I got to make my favorite things: Vegetable Beef Soup (crock pot for the win!), a cheese ball to snack on, our family recipe cheese straws, and an easy box cake mix that I added pumpkin to.  FALL FOODS!!  This week, one of the things we’re having is Tom’s favorite meal: Chicken Enchiladas.  Y’all, he eats these up, and then eats the leftovers for breakfast. Seriously!  It’s a great meal to make ahead of time for families who need a meal, too (new baby, etc.) Here’s the link!


2. What I’m reminiscing about. Past Halloweens!  I cannot believe it’s next week!  Just yesterday I put up all of their old Halloween photos to display in the living room — oh my gosh, we talked/laughed so much about the Halloween we were all deathly ill.  Alice doesn’t even remember it!  So totally crazy.  We’re big Halloween fans around here, so talked about our past costumes has been a favorite!  And both my cute babies in their first costumes — homemade owl costumes! I mean…AWWWW!


3. What I’m loving… FALL!  It’s no secret that fall is my absolute favorite season, and it’s finally cool here!  Yay!  You guys, the first time it was even slightly cold in the morning, I totally lit the fireplace.  I’ve never had one before!  I love this weather. Being outdoors is my favorite, and there is nothing better than hiking and fires during this season! LOVE it!


4. What we’ve been up to. This past weekend we went to Washington Farms with my family. One of the best things about living in Athens now, is that my parents can come up and easily see both me and my sister and our kids at the same time! It’s the best.  We’ve come up to Washington Farms the past two years, but now it’s only 15 minutes down the road, and that is so nice!  AND, we ran into so many friends there this time, and we ran into my brother-in-law and his family, too!  It went a long way to making me feel more like we actually live here, as opposed to feeling like permanent visitors. It was honestly, the perfect day. So happy this tradition continues! (Totally got lost in the corn maze, by the way. So…that tradition continues as well. Is there a medical name for a person who absolutely cannot get out of a corn maze without massive amounts of help? If so, I’ve got it.)


5. What I’m dreading. I’m dreading the fact there are no school breaks until Thanksgiving week! In our previous county, we had a week off for fall break in September, and here we don’t.  So it’s felt like we’ve been in school FOR-EV-ER.  I know, I’m spoiled, but man, I cannot wait to have a break. And I’m not even the one going! I’m over all of it right now — too many phone calls, too many projects, too many things I have to send money in for, too many papers to sign — it’s all just feeling so “too” right now.

6. What I’m working on. I’m working on a new article that’s due next week for 365 Atlanta Family.  The opportunity to write for this website, has been such a major thing for me.  To be able to find something that allows me to follow my two passions: writing, and outdoor experiences with my family — is just a super big deal to me, and has affected me in ways I couldn’t have imagined.  It’s honestly a dream come true, and I feel really grateful to have it. I’ll post the link here for my new article once it goes live, but in the meantime, here are my two latest: 41 Creative Car Camping Tips for Adventurous Families / 27 Clever Camping Games to Dazzle and Delight the Family

7. What I’m excited about. Next weekend, we’re going on a cabin trip! Cabin trips are so, so fun, and I’m super excited. We’ll be staying at a state park in Tennessee, and we’ll be hiking around the same places we hiked when I got sent up there to write an article earlier this year.  This time, Rachel and her kids are going too, so I know the kids will have an absolute blast. And I’m so excited to see how it looks up there in the fall! Can’t wait!


8. What I’m watching/reading. I’m supposed to be reading Crazy Rich Asians, but I’m having a hard time getting into it. It came highly recommended, so I’m assuming I’m just not in the right mindset or something. The dorky thing about me, is that I pick books that I just kind of…race through. It is not weird for me to finish a book the same day I started it. So this one is just not like that for me…YET.  I’m hoping it becomes that, though. And right now I’m watching Grace and Frankie before bed. My mom got me hooked on it when she came to visit a few months ago, and now I can’t stop. I’m totally binge watching them. I think I need to slow down, though, because yesterday I started getting really irritated with Frankie, and I usually love her.  Also, I think it’s weird that I love the actor Ethan Embry so much. No one ever even talks about him, but he was in Empire Records and Can’t Hardly Wait (FAVS!), and now he’s in this, and I just love him in everything. And y’all, we’re practically married because he follows me on Twitter. So there.

9. What I’m listening to. My BFF introduced me to Amazon Music, and I love it! Right now, when the kids are in the car, we’re listening to a kids mix of Halloween songs.  Alice found the mix, and it’s my very favorite.  Smart kid, that Alice.  When I’m in the car without kids, I’m listening to either the Brave Writer podcast (a homeschooling one), or the Young House Love podcast (home DIY). Both speak to me and where I am in life right now!  New house, new information to be learned!  And when I’m home doing work (and right this second) I am listening to…CHRISTMAS MUSIC. I know. I’m embarrassed. It’s a classical Christmas station on Amazon, and I just…love it.  When Kevin comes in from his office, I try to turn it off before he hears it, but a couple of days ago he caught me.

Him: “Is this…CHRISTMAS MUSIC?!”

Me (hiding my face in my hands): “Yes. But you can’t judge me! I need it to get all of this work done!”

Apparently if my argument is to be believed, instrumental Christmas music helps me mop, and fold laundry. You should try it.

10. What I’m wearing. I’m wearing workout pants, a fleece pullover, and fuzzy socks. Super fashionable, AS ALWAYS. Actually, I am pretty excited about being able to wear my two favorite clothing items now that the weather is cooler: puffy vests and scarves. That is the Kate uniform. Give me all the puffy vests and scarves! In the fall, it’s pretty hard to find a picture of me not wearing one of those. Or both.

11. What I’m doing this weekend. We’re going to a little Halloween party at the kids’ martial arts studio on Friday, we’re planning to hike and explore with Rachel and the kids on Saturday, and family photos are on Sunday morning! My family is not big on family photos, so I’m taking an every-other-year approach — and that means this year is the year! It’s a short 15-minute session, so I’m hoping the shorter timeframe will work out better for Kevin and Tom. Ha! My boys are not photo fans. But you know who is? ME! So I’m excited.

12. What I’m looking forward to next month. I’m looking forward to lots! The cabin weekend, Thanksgiving break, actual Thanksgiving, and taking Matilda and Alice to see the Nutcracker, to name a few!

13. What else is new. Just this week, I’ve started feeling a lot more at home, at home.  We’ve just added a couple of new pieces of furniture, and I’ve hung a couple more things on the walls, and I’m feeling a lot more like this place is us. I also kind of think that just adding all of our Halloween decorations around the house has helped!  It makes it feel cozier to me.  (Scary skeletons = cozy, according to me.)  (And I’m sure that fireplace I keep lighting helps too.) Ha!

(Spider-webbed bushes thrill us around here!)

Have a great week, y’all! LOVE!

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Missing You/School Updates.

I’ve failed on my New Year’s resolution of writing a blog post once a week in a spectacular fashion.

I thought saying out loud that it was my resolution would help me to keep it.  But no!  Even the shame of you guys knowing I’m a big resolution breaker couldn’t get me here.

And then there have been times I’ve felt the need to write here, and then I’ve felt there was too much to catch up on before I wrote what I wanted to write.  Shouldn’t I show you how their school years ended?  That we moved out of town I’ve lived in or around for 18 years?!  That we had to say goodbye to friends and neighbors, and it was so heartbreaking?  Shouldn’t I show you what we did this past summer?  Shouldn’t I explain how their new school years are going?

And then this week I decided to just write when I wanted to write.  You know, like a grown up!

So here I am.


What I wanted to write about is to tell you that Alice is rocking Kindergarten.  She loves her new school, and her teachers.  She loves going to PE, Music, and Art.  She totally loves eating lunch in the cafeteria.  She’s mad I won’t let her ride the bus.  She’s started reading small books, and she’s so proud to show that off.  She asks me how to spell things all day long.  She loves to draw, and color, but she really loves to write and show off her new skills.

I met with her teacher this week, and she said that Alice is a helper. That she’s always ready and willing to help the teachers or her fellow students.  And that is just totally Alice.  She is always wanting to help teach others, always kind.  Last year in her preschool class, there was a little boy in her class who had Down Syndrome — and Alice was his permanent “buddy.”  She just adores helping people, and teaching them things (even her big brother, which he hates!).  Alice is just loving school so much, and I’m so thankful.

You know how your heart feels settled when you know your child is where they’re supposed to be? That’s how I feel about Alice and Kindergarten.

I also wanted to tell you about Tom in 2nd grade.  Have I mentioned here before that Tom is not a big school fan?  He loved preschool (he was there for 2’s, 3’s and Pre-K).  When he started “big kid school” for Kindergarten, it was tough.  That entire year was a major struggle.  It was then that I realized that maybe Tom was going to be a different kind of student than I was.  In the beginning, I felt like I really struggled to get his teachers to understand him, but when they did — they DID.  And it was awesome. We ended that year with a lot of hope, and a good relationship with his teachers (who I still keep in touch with today).

In first grade, his teacher was the sweetest, warmest, most wonderful person.  Just perfect for my sensitive boy.  She immediately understood Tom was a different type of student, and began making accommodations for his learning in her classroom.  I volunteered in the class once a week, every week.  We became really close.  We worked together, and Tom was diagnosed with ADHD by our pediatrician at the end of the year. I worked really hard after his diagnosis to get the proper forms filled out and transferred to his new school, so the new school would know what to expect.  Tom’s teacher, unfortunately, had to leave before school was out (about a month before), so getting the forms all completed was no easy task, but it was important to me that we keep our momentum with his schooling going.  The fact that 1st grade went so well, put all of my previous worries to rest.

Do you know where this is going?  This year has been the most difficult, by far.

I keep trying to understand where it’s all going so wrong, but it’s really hard to figure it out.  Let me say, we moved to the number one school district in Georgia.  So I think in some ways, because last year went so well, because I have a diagnosis now, because we had the proper forms ready at the beginning of this year, and because this school is so highly recommended — my expectations for this year were high.  Maybe that has some (or a lot!) to do with why it’s been so hard for me personally.  I’ve always had a hard time recovering from the unexpected, and that’s what’s happened here.

You know that unsettled feeling in your heart when you feel like you’re sending your child to something that’s not the right fit?  That’s how I feel about Tom in second grade.

And what’s really scary for me is that Tom is at a primary school this year.  It’s a K-2 school. Next year, in third grade, he has to move to a new school.  Again.


I’m researching options.  And even with that, I haven’t given up hope that this year will turn around, and they will truly “see” Tom for who he is. Tom has a team of teachers working with him, and they all love Tom. (Side note: I don’t like his homeroom/main teacher.  But I adore the three others who work with him throughout his day.)

In the meantime, I’m researching homeschool for Tom in a major way.  I spend all my spare time on Pinterest and reading blogs and checking out books form the library about homeschooling. Originally, I was researching it more seriously in direct response to this school year, but the more I read and learn about it, the more strongly I feel that this may be the perfect fit for Tom.  I’m starting to think that if I had done this research originally, without knowing the difficulties we’d face, that I would’ve chosen it then.

So that’ s where I am, and where we are!  It’s just been on my mind constantly these past three months, and I just want to put it out there into my blog world.  Hi, I’m researching homeschool for Tom.  If you needed an answer from me today, I’d say we’re definitely doing it for next year for Tom.  But by the time I really need to give an answer, it may be different.

Have you missed me and my indecisiveness?



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